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FreeSticky is Content & Webmaster Tools for Web Sites !
We are primarily a source of FREE and low cost content that anyone can use to increase the appeal, usefulness, traffic and eventually the stickiness of their website.
Changing content and interactive web site tools are the driving force behind return visits to any website. Freesticky are also content providers, so we know what to look for when we are reviewing a web site.

Anyone with an idea or passion can build a web site in this day and age. You don't need special software or an expensive Certification to put your thoughts into cyberspace. All it takes is a little knwoledge, maybe some advice, and of course lots of content.

Southbourne Internet provide ecommerce website development and website marketing that includes SEO services to the business and academic community.

No amount of solid content can make up for a bad web page hosting provider. Get the top of the line hosting from a servicer who specializes in high volume traffic web sites. Although fast response times from high volume page requests to your Web Hosting provider can certainly help you get more pages indexed with each bot visit.

Website Essentials
Quick links to FREE & LOW COST website tools & content
Logo Design 
Superior logo design from LogoWorks.

Logoworks Logo Design Logoworks Start Up Package perfect for new businesses.

Includes logo design, stationery design, a 3 page website, & 250 business cards.
Save $20 at LogoWorks.
Web Site Templates has one of the best webmaster resources available on the Internet today. For just $39.95, you get access to hundreds of templates, thousands of animated gifs, hundreds of photos, hundreds of 3d rendered objects, articles, tutorials, and much more. Click the image below to get signed up!

Wine Content
Choose from a growing collection of articles about wine. Presently we focus on Australian wines, but shortly we will be adding more variety. This is essential content for any website that has a cooking or entertainment section and a must for visitors with a passion for the vine.

Get your free wine content for your website

Interesting Facts Feed
Hundreds of interesting facts are collected in this database. Your visitors will see a randomly selected fact each time the page is loaded, ultimately bringing them back for a return visit to your web site. 

Get your FREE Interesting Facts feed
On This Day in History
Using a massive archive of over 60,000 recorded international historical events, you can add an automatically updating list to your web site that will encourage your visitors to return each day. 

Get your free ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY content for your website

The Ultimate Question Feed
Add an auto-updating feed of humorous questions to your website that pose those all consuming puzzles to your visitors such as Why is "abbreviated" such a long word? or Why do you have to click on "Start" to stop Windows 98? - these and many more will be displayed on your page each time your visitor reloads your web page. 

Get your free ULTIMATE QUESTIONS feed for your website

Hollywood Lessons
'Hollywood Lessons' are a collection of humorous, tongue in cheek, observations on the many lessons of life that television can teach us (if only we watch it long enough). Demonstrate to your visitors the importance of Hollywood in their lives by adding the auto-updating 'Hollywood Lessons' to your website. 

Get your FREE Hollywood Lessons

Website Animations & Clipart
Separate your website from the crowd by using professional looking animations, images, photos and clipart. Select from a large collection of thousands of free and low cost high resolution images.

Get your free web animations and clipart

..and this site also has film clips, fonts and sounds.

Website Revenue
You can earn money from the traffic to your website by setting up an affiliate account with For every customer you send to templatez, you are instantly paid $20. This is one of the highest affiliate programs on the Internet!

Don't waste anymore time. Start making money today! 
Free Hit Counter & Website Statistics
Find out how many visitors come to your website each day, analyze your traffic and visitor statistics; where do they come from, what pages are they spending time at etc. With just a few lines of HTML you will have a very detailed hit counter to analyze your web site traffic.

Sign up for your FREE Hit Counter and statistics

Hosting your Content
It is very important to get a website host that will be able to support your content needs now and into the future.

A free web host will allow you to publish many static pages to the internet and allow you to use most of the free content available on this website. 

If you wish to present a professional image and have a permanent address on the internet (i.e.., regardless of which host you publish your content too, then we would also recommend registering a domain name. 
Register a domain name for $24 per year (or transfer for only $14).

If your needs are a bit more professional and you may be considering publishing your own content, then you will need a host that will offer you the ability to publish databases and interactive content (i.e. ASP,  PHP, MYSQL, Perl, Cgi Bin etc.)

Romantic articles delivered to your website
From the award winning site at you can add a regular, very popular and professional article on your website that deals with romance, love and relationships. You can either opt to have the articles emailed to you or you can use a few lines of Javascript to have the article updated automatically.
Reciprocal Links Manager
An excellent, automatic reciprocal links manager for your website. Most of the time consuming work associated with maintaining reciprocal links is taken care of for you. Reciprocal links are essential for any website that wants to grow. Search engines measure your popularity by how many websites link to you and, in exchange, you will need to maintain links back to those websites.

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Selected, popular free web services directly from Freesticky. Automatically updating content for your web site. On this day in history, Puzzles, games, jokes and more.

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